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2023 AGM

RSVP on WhatsApp: 061 461 8259 for catering purposes



Nomination Form – Committee 2023-2024


MINUTES OF 2022 AGM (2022-03-23)

MCSA 2022 AFS FINAL signed


Dear Members of the Mountain Club.

Please see the final event details for the AGM that will take place on Wednesday, 29 March, at the Robin Hills Scout Hall at 11 Oorbietjie Road, Robin Hills, Randburg.

6:00 pm to  7:00 pm: Snacks, drinks and socializing

7:00 pm to  9:00 pm: AGM event; committee feedback, voting and member discussions

9:00 pm to 10:00 pm: Socializing and music by Terry White

The event will be broadcasted on Zoom from 7:00 pm. Please join using the link below if you cannot visit in person.


Please view the link below for supporting documentation, including minutes from previous AG and financial reports.

2023 AGM

Committee – Johannesburg Section


  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting Held on 21 March 2022

   3.1 Matters arising from minutes of the previous meeting.

   3.2 Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.

  1. Reports by Chairman and Committee members
  2. Treasurer’s Report for the financial year 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022(The financial statements will be available from the Treasurer or Administrator)
  3. Approval of 2022 Annual Financial Statements
  4. Appointment of an Independent Reviewing Officer
  5. Member Voting on the following items

   8.1 MCSA purchase off the Dome Pools Property: The Johannesburg and Magalies Sections have the unique opportunity to purchase Dome pools from Alex Junod. The sale details will be discussed, and then a vote is required to give the committee the go-ahead to pursue the purchase.

   8.2 MCSA interest in the Kranskloof Property: This property is beset with a Land Claim but is a long-time favourite amongst members. It is suitable for hiking as well as climbing. This item will address the different issues regarding this property to educate and inform members about the opportunity.

  1. Election of New Committee: The following committee members made themselves available for re-election. (nomination form can be downloaded here)
    –  Bennie de Wet – Chairman
    –  Tam Scheidegger – Vice Chair/Concervation
    –  Andre Dalais – Treasurer
    –  Roy Kendal – Land and Access
    –  Paul Carstens – Legal
    –  Steven Hoffe – S&R convener
    –  Geoff Comins – Sport Climbing
    –  Ale Bereiro – Meets Convenor
    –  Martin Smart – Expeditions
    –  Brett Pepper – Hiking

– Thomas Magg – Wolkberg Hut
– Hector Pringle – Bolting
– Andrew Porter – Route Guides
– Roland Magg – IT Support

Some portfolios and functions are currently vacant. This includes Outreach, Marketing and Youth. Please use the link here to nominate members willing to serve on the committee. Ask not what the club can do for you. Ask what you can do for the club.

  • Recognitions
  • General

11.1 Photographic Competition Winners and prize giving: The votes for this have been cast, and the competition was fierce. The winners will be announced at the AGM. If you entered the competition then do not miss the AGM.

11.2 Mobile Application for Property/Permits/Parking tickets. (Status and future)

11.3 Scout Hall for social gatherings

11.4 General: If members have any items that need to be discussed, please email admin@jhb.mcsa.org.za with the details. This will be added to the agenda.

PROXY  VOTES:   (proxy form can be downloaded here)

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Calling All Prospective Meet Leaders

The MCSA plans and conducts regular meets for the benefit of its members. These meets include property orientation meets, hiking meets of various levels of adventure, trad and sport climbing meets for beginners and advanced climbers, bouldering meets, and conservation meets.

This notice calls for members to make themselves available to act as primary or secondary meet leaders. Skills and first aid training will be afforded to these volunteers where applicable.

The club is a voluntary organisation and relies on active member involvement.

Ask not what the club can do for you, but what you can do for the club.

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Kings Kloof Multi-Pitch Orientation Meet

Five eager-to-learn sport climbers joined Dirk Reinecke for an introduction to multi-pitch sport climbing at Kings Kloof.

Each participant was afforded the opportunity to lead “Seeds we sow”, set up the anchor and belay from above as well as clean the route and complete the 50m abseil back down.

We hope to see everyone going for bigger and better out there in the world of multi-pitch sport climbing!

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Thursday Hiking Group

The MCSA Magalies Thursday hiking group do weekly hikes in the Magaliesberg.

Our group varies from 2 – 20 (most often 8 – 10) people. Depending on abilities the group may split up. Hikes are typically 12km (8 – 18km). Members are from JHB & MAG sections (about 50/50), and although most are retired, anyone is welcome!

For more information, please contact:
Micky Richardson 061 922 3702 / Marietjie Louw 082 779 863


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World Wetlands Conservation Meet

Thirteen (including two prospective members) joined this past weekend’s, Conservation Meet.
We celebrated World Wetlands day immersing ourselves in the boggy stinky squelchy black goo that forms when organic matter is permanently saturated! Mmmm Yummy!

We tried a new weeding tool on the deep-rooted pompom that has ruined so many grasslands in the Cradle area. But the Castle Gorge Wetland will not be getting the same diagnosis.
Our biannual Meet at this particular spot has made the world of difference, the number of pompom are getting fewer and fewer! Weeding a success story!

We were luckily treated to a wonderful display from an adult chameleon, that was rather miffed with our in-your-face curiosity.
The Rangers tried their hand at packing rocks like a Boer War soldier. The wall’s intention is to deter scramblers from making a detour around a locked gate to gain access to the property. Let’s see if it works!

A very big thank you to all of those who attended.

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Access to Dome Pools – Closed

All parking at Dome Pools has been cancelled with immediate effect for permit holders and member. Our privilege to park there was revoked due to permit holders not signing the register, nor paying parking fees and then being rude to the landowner.

We are working on a solution and will keep you posted. For individuals who have already purchased permits for Dome Pools please contact Mag section (admin@mag.mcsa.org.za) with you full name, cellphone number and email address.For all our properties the rules are:

  • Members must have valid membership cards with them.
  • Re permit holders, the person/group to whom a permit has been issued must keep the permit on hand. The practical effect of this is that groups cannot split up.
  • Sign the register and pay for parking before you start hiking.
  • Always be friendly to the landowners – there is much more at stake than your ego.
  • Offenders and trespassers will be banned from MCSA properties.
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Calabash, Dome Pools and Mhlabatini Parking Fee Increase

Please take note that the parking fee for Calabash, Dome Pools and Mhlabatini has increased from R40 to R60 per vehicle per day.

The parking fees for these areas are only payable in cash.

Calabash fees are paid across to the landowners who will come out to greet you on your arrival. For those looking for farm fresh produce, various items will be on sale. The landowners have also installed a fresh water tap in the parking area for our convenience.

Dome Pools fees are paid into the brown honesty box located to the left of the ladder crossing over the fence at the very beginning of the hike. Inside the box, you will also find the mountain register which is to be signed before leaving for your hike.

Mhlabatini fees are paid into the green honesty box located in the parking area. Inside the box, you will also find the mountain register which is to be signed before leaving for your hike.

We thank everyone for their continuous contribution to the parking fees and are very grateful to the landowners who so graciously allow us to utilise their property for the safekeeping of our vehicles and access control to our properties.

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