Thirteen (including two prospective members) joined this past weekend’s, Conservation Meet.
We celebrated World Wetlands day immersing ourselves in the boggy stinky squelchy black goo that forms when organic matter is permanently saturated! Mmmm Yummy!

We tried a new weeding tool on the deep-rooted pompom that has ruined so many grasslands in the Cradle area. But the Castle Gorge Wetland will not be getting the same diagnosis.
Our biannual Meet at this particular spot has made the world of difference, the number of pompom are getting fewer and fewer! Weeding a success story!

We were luckily treated to a wonderful display from an adult chameleon, that was rather miffed with our in-your-face curiosity.
The Rangers tried their hand at packing rocks like a Boer War soldier. The wall’s intention is to deter scramblers from making a detour around a locked gate to gain access to the property. Let’s see if it works!

A very big thank you to all of those who attended.