Name Portfolio Contact Objectives
Bennie de Wet Chairperson

Acts as the spokesperson for the club. Provide leadership to the committee and members to provide a vision, and strategy to achieve the objectives as set out in the constitution. Motivates people to join the club and members to be active.

Tamarin Scheidegger Vice-Chairperson  
Paul Carstensen Legal

Assist and support portfolio members with legal issues. Minimise risks to Club for a legal aspect. Continually reassess documentation to ensure comply with current legislation, regulations and principles. Reassess indemnities and waivers; educate members on the necessity of compliance and indemnities. Collect and collate documentation in respect of the Clubs rights to land. Support and assess options to acquire land; assist in dispute
resolution, legal ramifications of outreach programmes and the complexities of unaccompanied minors in adventure activities. Legal and moral obligations to reduce and record Carbon Footprint of MCSA.

Andre Dalais Treasurer

Safeguard the Club’s assets. Maintain accurate accounting records and distribute financial reports (including the preparation and independent review of the annual
financial statements). Deal with taxation matters. Prepare annual budget and recommended fee increases. Advise and support all activities in achieving the Club’s constitutional objectives.

Bennie de Wet Trad Orientation Promote and introduce Trad Climbing to members by providing climbing opportunities, arranging regular training clinics, instilling safe practices, and demystifying Trad Climbing
Mienke Richter Outreach The purpose of the MCSA outreach is to identify and develop projects with significant benefit to the community and those not yet a part of it. With the support of the club’s financial, human and historical resources I believe that the MCSA can bring South African mountain lovers together.
Martinus Swart Expeditions Encouraging our membership to apply for funding to identify new outdoor adventures or research and repeat hikes, climbs and expeditions from the annual MCSA journals which date back to 1894.
Roy Kendall Land & Access

Facilitate access and to safeguard properties which are either owned by the club, the club has a legal servitude over the property or where the club has a formal or informal agreement with the landowner whereby the club can climb, hike and carry out their objectives in a responsible manner. To investigate and explore new opportunities for access to areas with the objective of securing access for members. This can be in the form of a purchase, servitude or any such agreement that will provide members the opportunity to climb, hike and pursue the normal activities associated with the club. To try and create a balance between our property access, which tends to favour trad climbers and walkers, to those members who pursue sport climbing and or bouldering. Accept the responsibilities of land ownership by ensuring proper fire management and conservation measures.

Ale Bareiro Meets Encourage members to enjoy the benefits of the club by maintaining regular and varied meets which are an opportunity for new experiences, growth, and conservation in the mountains.
Stephen Hoffe Mountain Search & Rescue

Growing the MSAR team by identifying interested and able club members and then assisting them through the selection and training process. Growing the team is vital to knowledge transfer and rescue capability. I would also like to increase our funding in order to cover the costs incurred by callout members during rescues and training.

Tamarin Scheidegger Conservation

Promote and introduce the concept of Conservation to members by providing opportunities to learn about the endemic ecosystems on our properties and how to limit the threats to these precious resources. This is done by arranging regular Conservation Meets,
Work Meets, Snare Patrols and Verreaux Eagle Monitoring. Conservation Meets are planned according to an annual calendar following the flowering seasons of Alien Invasive Plants (AIP). It is intended to instill best practices in AIP management. Subcommittee: Otti Neser, Colleen Flanagan, Chris Tobler, Christa Van Schalkwyk. MCSA wilderness properties require regular maintenance in the form of parking grass cutting, fire break grass cutting and path maintenance. Work Meets are arranged for members to learn and contribute to these tasks. Subcommittee: Roy Kendal, Michael Stiller Snare Patrols on targeted properties are arranged when needed. Property Patrols are key in identifying this threat. Eco Rangers are trained and employed to help with this work. Verreaux Eagle Monitoring of breeding pairs near Sport Climbing Crags is done from information gathered by the membership and trail camera footage. Subcommittee: Craig Nattrass

Geoff Comins Sport Orientation Introduce and promote Sport Climbing to members by organizing climbing meets, running regular training clinics, instilling safe practices, and encouraging indoor climbers to venture out onto natural rock.
Dylan Labuschagne Public Relations and Marketing Educate and inform current and future members about the club, its purpose, objectives, and current activities. Simultaneously to protect, enhance or rebuild the club’s reputation through members communication platforms, social media, club gatherings and talks

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