How to Join
Join us on every Wednesday night at 6pm in the club office (173 Republic Rd) for a talk about joining the MCSA Johannesburg Section. In this talk we cover what the club is about, our code of conduct, how to join, activities, land access and what is going on.

You’ll also find out that we have a two-way relationship with our members – we also have expectations of you! For eg our members patrol our reserved mountain areas and play a vital role within the club (presenting our slide shows, assisting with hosting meets and Wednesday night events and conservation).

How do I become a member of the Johannesburg section?

If you are totally new to the club and don’t know any members, you need to attend the prospective member’s talk (currently every Wednesday evening, but watch the home page for changes). After that you can fill out the forms, pay the money, and the person giving the talk will propose you for membership. Then it takes about a week for your membership to be processed and you to be issued a card.

If you have been climbing or hiking for a while and know people in the club that can propose and second you, then all you need to do is fill out the forms, pay the money and within about a week your membership will be processed and you will be issued with a card. You may either attend the prospective members talk or have a chat with the person issuing the card.


We want to get to know you, and we’d like you to get to know us. And it’s a great way to find out first-hand about access and activities of the Club.

Contact the MCSA Johannesburg administrator about the next prospective members’ meeting.

From midyear fees reduce by half for ordinary categories, and once the next year’s fee is determined (early Nov) membership applications will be processed for the following year and hence essentially December in the current year will be free.