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How to Join   


Ordinarily we ask prospective members to attend a prospective members’ talk but no talks are being held since the office is still closed due to Covid-19.  However, we are assisting anyone who wishes to join by communicating via email. The process just takes a bit longer.

Please send an email to admin@jhb.mcsa.org.za – requesting information, and the process can commence.

From 1 December 2020 membership applications will be processed for 2021 and your membership is active , in essence giving you 13 months’ membership for the 12 months’ fee.

Category 2021 Fee (R)  
Ordinary Member (Single) (25 – 65)* 820.00
Ordinary Members (Married)* 1290.00
Country Member (Single)* 580.00
Country Member (Married)* 760.00
Senior Member (65 years and older)* 390.00
Senior Member (Married)* 625.00
Youth Member (between 18 and 25) 390.00
Junior Member (up to 18 yrs) 140.00

Entrance Fee (deferred till age 25)

300.00     Per person / once-off