All parking at Dome Pools has been cancelled with immediate effect for permit holders and member. Our privilege to park there was revoked due to permit holders not signing the register, nor paying parking fees and then being rude to the landowner.

We are working on a solution and will keep you posted. For individuals who have already purchased permits for Dome Pools please contact Mag section ( with you full name, cellphone number and email address.For all our properties the rules are:

  • Members must have valid membership cards with them.
  • Re permit holders, the person/group to whom a permit has been issued must keep the permit on hand. The practical effect of this is that groups cannot split up.
  • Sign the register and pay for parking before you start hiking.
  • Always be friendly to the landowners – there is much more at stake than your ego.
  • Offenders and trespassers will be banned from MCSA properties.