• Hi Odette

    Although I already have my yearly trip planned and will not join you, I have been following kiwi mates of mine, Greg and Jean Jack with their development efforts in Tonga. I met him in Laos December 2018 at Green Climbers Home.

    Their FB page is https://web.facebook.com/groups/986159234811952/

    He will be able to give you a lot of information. If you are no already in contact let me know ad I will introduce you

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Message from our Chairman:

To all Mountain club members in Gauteng - please note that due to some attempted access to our properties during lockdown we would like to reiterate that access is suspended until relevant lockdown regulations deem it legal.  Currently, we suspect that this will only be in level 2 or 1 as both inter-provincial travels is required (Magaliesberg is largely in the North-West) and, more critically, hiking and climbing are not considered essential activities.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards
Stephen Hoffe

2 May 2020