Conservation Appeal

Dear MCSA JHB members

At the AGM held on the 2 March, a definite majority of the 60 members attending, voted for the adoption of a Conservation Fund. The rationale behind this stems from our responsibility as land owners to maintain the “pristine” quality of our land. The money will fund the salaries of two full-time workers who will eradicate invasive alien vegetation, eg Lantana camara and others, on our properties. I think we are luckily at a point before the problem becomes impossible to reverse – before the indigenous vegetation is taken over and smothered. Intervention is required to ensure that this does not happen.

Below is a photo of one of the weed heaps near the fire break on Seremodi.

There are only about five Johannesburg members who routinely join the Magaliesberg section on their Conservation Meets. The whole group will often split up: some will take a fast trek/hike to the upper reaches of the river, others will work the lower course. Regulars will guide newbies in identifying the weeds correctly and show them the correct method of dealing with each type of plant. The groups usually try to meet up for lunch half way along the river course and spend time swimming and eating their picnic lunch. Some members join these Meets to exercise and hike, and others to relax at the water’s edge pulling out seedlings. For those who wish to become more involved, a list of dates for the Conservation Meets is given below for your reference.
April 14 Lower Tonquani
Utopia Crofton – climbers required to abseil. Helgaard
May 12
Dome 2
Crofton, cape gooseberry, bugweed Danie & Marise
Jun 22-23 Kiepersolkloof
Upper Tonq w/e Crofton Otti
Jul 14 Gullies N of Dome Crofton, lantana, Thomas & co training Otti & Christa
Aug 4 Grootkloof 2
Hamerkop Crofton & senna Theo
Aug 31 – 1 Sep Castle Gorge 2 w/e Crofton, bugweed, cherries Christa
Sep 28-29 Mhlabatini w/e
Crofton – climbers
Sand olive saw Corne
Oct 13 Dome 3 Various, with Thomas & co training Penny, Michael
Nov 9-10 Wilgepoort

It was uplifting for me at the AGM to note that our members do value and want to help with this cause, but perhaps due to our busy lives they also need to prioritise their weekend time. By offering you the services of workers you can continue to fight the weedy invaders AND project your new line…

In conclusion, you have a choice to join a Meet or make a donation to the Conservation Fund. Please Click on Link to a Google Form that will collect your details and choice.

Many Thanks for your support
Tam Scheidegger
MCSA JHB Conservation portfolio representative