Brief summary of venue

A visit to the White Umfolozi River offers numerous attractions, including over 100 sport and 150 trad routes ranging from grade 8 to 27 on superb rock; swimming and fishing in the river; lounging on the river’s extensive sand banks; an amazing diversity of bird and plant life and a scenic gorge – an ideal family venue.

Permit/ permission info

For bookings, contact the land owner, Mr Gerhard Greef on 082 494 4943 or 035 450 2332 (W).

Approximate travelling time from Johannesburg

Four and half to five hours.

Parking information

Safe parking is available next to the huts; a full time caretaker keeps an eye on things.

Info on walk in

The walk-in takes less than 5 minutes, and is extremely easy.


Accommodation consists either of camping – there are level spots to pitch 4 or 5 tents and a large sun deck which can accommodate many more; or a choice of two huts, one with 5 beds and the other with two. The owner currently charges R50 per person per night.

Availability of water for drinking

Water is available on tap and for the toilet and solar heated shower. However, you must bring your own drinking water or ask the owner to supply a container of drinking water when booking.

Climbing route guide

Gavin Peckham has developed a climbing route guide for the White Umfolozi, Tel: 035 792 4543(H), Email:

Climbing information

Climbing is on the cliffs of the White Umfolozi River, currently there are over 100 sport and 150 trad climbs. Grades range from 8 to 27 with the majority of routes in the 15 to 21 range. Climbs are between 5 and 45 metres long, with most averaging between 15 and 20 metres, so a 50 metre rope is long enough. Because of the different aspects of the various crags you can always find routes in the sun or in the shade as required.

Child friendly

Extremely child friendly venue, but parental supervision is required for little ones that can’t swim.


Yes, there is a large deep pool at all times of the year.

Camp fires

Yes at campsite.

Other attractions

There is a huge diversity of bird and plant life, as well as quite a few mammal and reptile species. There are also good hikes through the bush or down the river. Fishing is also possible; the river has Catfish and Yellowfish, though they are generally on the small side.


It is probably best to keep wallets, cell phones, etc locked away out of sight to avoid temptation, but the caretaker keeps an eye on things and wards off trespassers.


For bookings contact the landowner: Mr Gerhard Greef on 082 494 4943 or 035 450 2332 (W). For copies of the White Umfolozi climbing route guide, contact Gavin Peckham, Tel: 035 792 4543(H) or Email:


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