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Surname                      First name                   Portfolio

DE WET                     Bennie                         Chairperson
t.b.c.                                                                  Vice-Chairperson
BAREIRO                  Ale                                Meets
BISHOP                     Cally                             PR / Marketing
CARSTENSEN          Paul                             Legal
COMINS                    Geoff                            Sport orientation
DALAIS                     Andre                           Treasurer
DE WET                     Bennie                         Trad orientation
HOFFE                       Stephen                       Mountain search & rescue
KENDALL                 Roy                               Land & access
LABUSCHAGNE      Dylan                           Social media
LAZARUS                 Peter                             Legal
MAGG                        Roland                        Technical & databases
MAGG                        Thomas                       Wolkberg Hut
MARGETTS               Andrew                       Webmaster & technical
PRINGLE                   Hector                         Bolting
RICHTER                   Mienke                        Outreach
SCHEIDEGGER        Tamarin                     Conservation
t.b.c.                                                                Expeditions

For contact details of the above committee members email admin@jhb.mcsa.org.za