MSAR Needs You!

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2023-01-18 All day
MSAR needs you!
Date: 18 January 2023
Venue: City Rock Presentation Room
Presenter: Stephen Hoffe
Time: 18:15 for 18:45

The MCSA was founded in the Cape in 1891 by mountaineers who were able to help those in need on the hills and cliffs around the Mother City as more people ventured upwards. This was the origin of the Mountain Club as we know it today and is a tradition that is strongly upheld by the volunteers of the Mountain Search and Rescue team – known to us as MSAR.

Join us on November 30th for a presentation on how volunteers train for and carry out rescues throughout Southern Africa and how you can get involved in the team. MSAR needs you!

Included in this talk will be the presentation of a helicopter rescue which happened on Cathedral Rock, an isolated sea stack on the Wild Coast, in April this year. It is not to be missed.

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