Climate Change for Mountaineers – Bob Scholes

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2019-09-18 All day

TIME:    19h15 for 19h30   START SHARP at 19h30 please
VENUE: CityRock presentation area

It is now clear to just about everyone that the climate is not what it used to be. Mountain climbers spend a lot of time exposed to the climate, and some of tehir activities depend on particular climate conditions. How is teh climate changing in teh maintain areas of the world, and South Africa? How might this affect the mountain environment, and how you enjoy it? What can you do to help keep climate change within tolerable limits, and in what ways will you need to adapt?


Bob Scholes, apart from being a lifelong mountain climber, is a leading South African expert on climate change. The talk will be scientifically correct and up-to-date, but not so technical that interested fellow-mountaineers can’t follow it. About Grade 18.