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Bouldering Orientation: The Wilds Nature Reserve

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2022-07-10 All day

Date:  10 July 2022
Venue: The Wilds Nature Reserve, Johannesburg
Meet Type: Bouldering Orientation
Meet Leader: Ale Bareiro
Contact: alejuanb@gmail.com

The Wilds Nature Reserve is an inner city park in Houghton, Joburg. After years of effort the nature reserve has been restored to its former glory and is again a safe, picturesque and an inviting escape from the city, inside the city. The wilds has been a training ground for some of Joburg’s strongest climbers due to its accessibility. 

The cave offers a variety of boulders between 5a and 8a. Consult the guide at https://www.climbing.co.za/w/images/c/cc/THE_WILDS_-_Oct_2013.pdf

This meet is aimed at members new to bouldering outside who would like to explore the venues around the city and seasoned boulderers alike. If you have a boulder pad please bring it along.