Alien Invasive Plants (AIP) Clinic: Dome, Magaliesberg

Alien Invasive Plants (AIP) Clinic: Dome, Magaliesberg

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2022-05-21 - 2022-05-22 All day

Venue: Dome, Magaliesberg
Meet Type: AIP Clinic
Meet Leader: Tam Scheidegger

Come and hone your identification skills of the Alien Invasive Plants (AIPs) threatening the river ecosystem. Bring your handy booklet and get advice from some of the old hands. Crofton, bugweed, lantana, gooseberry, verbena, blackjacks, inkberry, senna and yellow bells can all be found in this river catchment.

Meet at the regular Dome Parking at 8:00. After the weir, we will walk through the river, also check the gullies flowing in, hopefully into the lower reaches of Boekenhoutkloof, and lunch at Stefan’s Pool – very ambitious!

So bring your wading boots, ladies forks (Crofton), pruning shears and small saws (Lantana and Bugweed), seed bags (Verbena, Blackjacks, Inkberry, Bugweed, Yellow bells, Senna), hats and lunch.

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