Easterkloof, Magaliesberg

Name of venue Easterkloof, Magaliesberg

Information courtesy of Barbara Reid

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PROPERTY IS PRIVATELY OWNED. MCSA from time to time arranges hikes there, with permission from the owners.

Brief summary of venue  With no steep walk-ins and a waterfall, Easterkloof is a beautiful and accessible hiking kloof in the Magaliesberg.  The kloof, which got its name as the first time the MCSA held a meet there was over the Easter weekend, offers a range of hikes of various lengths through a beautiful gorge along the stream bed.
Permit/ permission info  Contact the MCSA Administrator for permission.
Approximate travelling time from Johannesburg  1.5 hours.
Parking information  Parking is available on Francois Junod’s farm; there have been no break-in incidents to date.  A parking fee is payable, either pay the attendant or put money into the box.  Parking fees increase yearly, ask MCSA for the latest information.
Info on walk in  The amount of time taken to walk in depends on your level of fitness and how far you plan to go.  The start of the walk is relatively easy but becomes harder the further you choose to hike.
Accommodation  None available; Easterkloof is a day venue.
Availability of water for drinking  Plenty of water as the walk follows the stream up the kloof.
Climbing route guide  No climbing available.
Climbing information  No climbing available.
Child friendly  Dependent on child’s ability to walk.  More suited to children 12 years and older.
Swimming  Yes.
Camp fires  No.
Other attractions  A wide variety of birds, animals and plants, beautiful scenery and a waterfall.
Dangers  In December 2011, 7 people were mugged at knife point; please contact the MCSA Administrator for the latest information regarding safety issues.
Contacts  MCSA Jhb Section, Tel: 011 067 0326 (15h00-18h00 weekdays), Fax: 011 067 0326, Email: admin@jhb.mcsa.org.za