|Dome Pools, Magaliesberg

Brief summary of venue Dome Pools is a hiking venue, involving an easy walk along a stream to some of the biggest and deepest rock pools in the Magaliesberg, making it a fantastic venue for swimming in the summer months.
 Permit/ permission info Non MCSA members must obtain a permit from the MCSA Magaliesberg Section. - Contact admin@mag.mcsa.org.za; tel: 083 845 1573 (weekdays 8 - 10am)
Approximate travelling time from Johannesburg 1 hour 30 minutes.
 Parking information Cars are parked on Mr Jan van Staden's property. Permit holders and members can obtain directions from the MCSA Magaliesberg Section. To date there haven’t been any problems with this parking area, but as always, do not leave any valuables visible inside vehicles. Parking is free of charge.
 Info on walk in The walk in takes about 2 hours and is one of the easiest walks in the Magaliesberg, with uphill sections being fairly gentle.
 Accommodation Camping is available at the MCSA campsite about 10 minutes walk upstream from the big pools. No facilities whatsoever, but clean water easily accessible.
Availability of water for drinking Water is available except for about the first 30 minutes of the walk.
 Climbing route guide No climbing routes at Dome Pools.
 Climbing information Pleasant, shady lunch spots available near several of the rock pools. No monkey cages.
 Child friendly Yes, as long as children can walk for two hours without a problem.
 Swimming Most definitely.
 Camp fires No.
 Other attractions
 Dangers The usual variety of Magaliesberg birds and animals may be seen. The animals most likely to be encountered are baboons and klipspringer.
 Contacts MCSA Magaliesberg Section for information and permits - Contact admin@mag.mcsa.org.za / tel: 083 845 1573 (8 - 10am weekdays)
    • Message from National Search & Rescue:Notice regarding Mountain Rescue during the COVID-19 lockdown

      We are all aware how Public Health guidelines have urged the public to 'flatten the curve' of the COVID-19 virus, and our President's announcement of lockdown is a welcomed show of courageous leadership that South Africa needs at this time.

      The Mountain Club of SA's Search and Rescue teams support this approach categorically.

      1) If engaging in some last minute pursuits this week, please engage in ultra-low-risk activities only. Please also respect closures already in place by SAN Parks and Ezemvelo.
      2) Please respect the lockdown unconditionally.
      Because it is the right thing to do.
      ...and accidents do happen, no matter how expert you think you may be.
      The MCSA's search and rescue team make themselves available because we believe in the value of responsible enjoyment of the wilderness, and in supporting our outdoor colleagues and community.
      Where life and limb is at stake, our members may still come to your aid.

      HOWEVER, during this crisis:
      - Healthcare infrastructure must be reserved for only the most critical, necessary cases.
      - Your own exposure to the virus will be significantly higher while being rescued and receiving healthcare.
      - Our search and rescue volunteers are not 'essential healthcare workers'. Don't be selfish!
      If our members must respond to a call-out during the lockdown period, they invalidate their and their family's quarantine activities during this critical time and that may have an impact on their ability to return to work.
      - S&R response may in fact be limited - our approach to incident management will be to coach and support self-rescue, or to send minimum-team responses.

      We look forward to a time soon where we can all enjoy our wilderness and natural areas together, assured of the safety and well being of our loved ones at home.

      Thank you.
      MCSA Search & Rescue


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