Gibraltar Kloof – Transvaal Drakensberg

Name of venue Gibraltar Kloof – Transvaal Drakensberg

Information courtesy of Greg Devine

Brief summary of venue  Gibraltar is a kloof system in the so-called Transvaal Drakensberg, with gorges, kloofs, waterfalls and clear rock pools. The area is incredibly pristine and beautiful with weathered and lichened rock and indigenous vegetation. Walks lead up to dramatic views from the escarpment. There are kloofing and gorge walks. Swimming in the many natural pools is a big attraction. Probably the best swimming experience is in Pool-With-A-View at the very top edge of the highest waterfall. Camping is superb.
Permit/ permission info  No permission or permits required.
Approximate travelling time from Johannesburg  4 to 5 hours.
Parking information  There are two parking areas. The normal area is at a shop and the owner will watch your car for a negotiable fee. You then have to walk across the wide river, or if it is too full, use the cable-ways. If you are prepared to cross the river by 4×4 you can drive another 4 kilometres and park at a village. Parking and guarding fees negotiable. Porters are available.
Info on walk in  Time from the shop to the village is about 2 hours, from the village to the camp about 3 hours up the outside of the kloof and about 10 hours up the kloof itself.
Accommodation  Camping under shade on good surfaces.
Availability of water for drinking  Excellent.
Climbing route guide  Access details are available from the MCSA Land and Access Convenor. Climbing route guide must be found from old journals. For hiking guides it is best to take someone along who has been there before.
Climbing information  Climbing is strictly trad with some long, generally easy routes. There are some shorter harder routes possible near the camp. This area is best appreciated on foot as a hiking paradise.
Child friendly  Yes, every child over, say, 9, should be brought here.
Swimming  Yes, fantastic!
Camp fires  Yes.
Other attractions  Abundant small wild-life, i.e. birds, monkeys, baboons, dassies, small buck, snakes (no problem), lizards etc. Natural vegetation and beautifully eroded and weathered rock. There are swimming pools everywhere.
Dangers  None; Weather in high Summer can be very hot, and Winter is a bit cold for comfortable swimming.
Contacts  For contact details of MCSA Land and Access Convenor contact the MCSA Jhb Section, Tel: 011 067 0326 (15h00-18h00 weekdays), Fax: 011 067 0326, Email: