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|Hanglip South, Limpopo Province

Brief summary of venue A multi-pitch trad climbing area with 20 climbs between grades 14 and 22 in Entabeni, a big 5 game reserve. The area is typically accessed from the Hanglip North camp site.
 Permit/ permission info Written permission from Entabeni Game Reserve is required.
Approximate travelling time from Johannesburg 3 ½ hours to gate and ½ hour from gate to drop off.
 Parking information Park at Entabeni Game Reserve entrance. Climbers will be driven by Entabeni staff to the start of the climb and collected again in the afternoon. No fees charged.
 Info on walk in The walk from the drop-off to climbs is half to one hour for most climbs.
 Accommodation No camping possible at present. Accommodation in the Entabeni Game Reserve is an expensive option.
Availability of water for drinking All water for the day to be brought in.
 Climbing route guide RD available from MCSA Jhb Administrator, otherwise contact Ulrike Kiefer for a scanned copy.
 Climbing information There are 20 recorded multi-pitch trad climbs at Hanglip South between grades 14 to 22 and 200 to 300 metres in length. Climbs are mostly in the sun, though some are in shade. Descend by walking off via various gullies.
 Child friendly Not suitable for children, as there’s no camping and hiking is a problem.
 Swimming No.
 Camp fires No.
 Other attractions Pristine bushveld and big 5 game park. Game can be viewed during the drive to the crags.
 Dangers Absolutely safe.
 Contacts Access should be arranged via the MCSA Jhb Section; private parties will not be allowed, Tel: 011 067 0326 (15h00-18h00 weekdays), Fax: 011 067 0326, Email:admin@jhb.mcsa.org.za ·For copies of the RD, contact Ulrike Kiefer, Email:ukiefer@icon.co.za
 Disclaimer Mountaineering (climbing and hiking) is de facto an activity which carries certain inherent risks. Neither the MCSA, nor any of its members or representatives accept responsibility for any deaths, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any person or for any theft, loss or damage to any property that result from participation in MCSA activities, no matter in what manner caused and whether allegedly due to negligence or not.